5 Warm Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your natural beauty, chic style, and new gorgeous tan. Every year we fall in love with the summer wedding makeup trends. Not only are they soft and warm, but they are also highlighted and dewy. This year we are helping brides all over the world achieve their dream summer wedding glam. So, open a tab for Pinterest and get ready to fall in love with these summer wedding glam ideas!

Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

Sunkissed Glam With Natural Brows
summer wedding glam ideas
Rosie in warm summer glam

This look is absolutely stunning in the summer. With soft highlights on her cheek bones, brow bone, and d├ęcolletage the sun hits these spots perfectly. Loving her natural warm brown brows brushed up for a softer summer wedding glam. Draw inspo from her lip color as well, nothing to dramatic. This color looks like a soft pink / brown. If you’re going with fillers before the wedding, opt for the more natural look, leaving some wrinkles in your natural lip shape.

Rosy Cheeks
Shimmery and Natural Summer Makeup

This soft rosy cheeked look is simply stunning. Also, this look can be easily achieved at home as a wedding DIY. Take note that she doesn’t have false lashes on, if you’re wearing false lashes opt for a more natural pair that compliments your eye shape. Another great reason we chose this inspo is that her highlight is mostly on the inner corner of her eyes and bride of her nose. This adds a little shine but doesn’t take away from her rosy complexion.

Warm Freckled Look
Summer Wedding glam
Summer Wedding Makeup

This look is so stunning! We chose this look because freckles are in right now! Also, if you don’t have freckles you can always create your own with a brown eyeliner/brow pencil. If you’re having a makeup artist do your makeup, just let him or her know that you want a warm freckled look. Another reason we chose this glam is because those red lips are the perfect eye catcher! This lip can be achieved with a red lipstick & add gloss over, or opt for a liquid lip.

Neat Light Summer Glam
Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas makeup ideas
Natural Wedding Makeup Idea

If you’re looking for more of a full beat but you want to go lighter because you’ll be outdoor, this is the perfect example of a light full glam. This bride has full foundation, contour, concealer, baked, brows, smokey eyes, and false lashes. Also, her lips are natural but drawn on with a lip liner first then filled in. We love this glam because it’s full coverage but light enough to sweat in, so get out there on the dance floor and live it up!

Soft Natural Wedding Makeup
Soft Natural Wedding Makeup
Soft Natural Wedding Makeup

Obsessed with this gorgeous soft wedding makeup look. This look is more of a matte look, she doesn’t have a lot of shimmer on. Although, her blush is very gorgeous and peachy. Also, for her eyes she’s wearing false lashes with a warm brown shadow. For example, this look could be considered more of an earthy look.

Let us know what you brides think, and if you’re looking for more wedding makeup inspo check out our Pinterest Page, Dolled Up!

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