Concrete Loft®

Downtown Los Angeles


The Concrete Loft is the venue for today’s high fashion bride. Overlooking the grandeur of downtown, this loft has a capacity of one hundred fifty people- more than enough breathing space for the family, and the whole posse.  This sleek modern space is available for wedding and engagement photography, and as a wedding venue.

The Concrete Loft features amazing lighting during the day, and a view of the city-lights at night. The dramatic floor layout is great for the ceremony, reception and the other festivities of the big day.

Inside, you will find the most modern decorative pieces. The furniture and fixtures hold materials that range from glass tops to chrome accents. Soft touches of plush solids are also within the mix, along with some bold colored elements to complete its contemporary style.

The allure of this place makes it the home of magazine and fashion photo shoots. Make it the home of your wedding memories, too! The ultimately sleek look of this location will give your wedding that timeless feel: classic and sophisticated.

Much like your eternal love: despite this changing era of design and style, it’s timeless.

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  • Details
    • Indoor
  • View
    • City
    • Lake
    • Open Sky
  • Venue Floors
    • Concrete
  • Venue Walls
    • White
    • Colorful
    • Texture
    • Wood

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