10 Wedding DIY Ideas You Can Order On Amazon


Looking to spend a little less on your wedding decor? Today we’re going to show you 20 DIY ideas that will help you keep some coins in your pocket! Our favorite place to shop for DIY ideas is Amazon! Amazon is quickly becoming on the best places to shop. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your home, but you can also get fast, free shipping right to your door step! So, let’s get into these DIY ideas..

20 Wedding DIY Ideas – Amazon

1. Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations can be costly depending on the style of invitation you want. So, create something thats totally unique to you and your guests. There are so many things you can do. From glitter invites, to wax sealed card stock invites, ribbon tied invites, and so much more.

Champagne Wax Seal
2. Chair Decor

Depending on the theme or style of your wedding you’ll want to tie the chair decor into the style. For example, flowers for chairs are a very popular option for weddings. Some couples may prefer a full chair skirt for their wedding reception. On the other hand, large bows are also a fan favorite.

dusty pink and gold wedding chair decoration ideas
More options;

Chair Bows; Pink

Tutu Chair Cover

Lace Wedding Chair Bows

3. ceremony toss ideas

Wedding toss ideas can be anything from dried flowers, rice, confetti, glitter, to folded up notes. Add any one of these toss ideas to a plastic tube, or paper funnels.

DIY wedding confetti tubes
4. Hanging Wedding Decorations

Often times this is used for outdoor wedding reception areas with large trees. So, if this description fits your reception this is a great DIY for you! Take small cups, plastic bulbs, or vases, and add a plastic candle inside them with a fake flower or babies breath. This will bring light to the spots that get dark after the sun sets.

DIY Hanging Lanterns
5. Wedding Backdrop

Backdrops can cost a pretty penny. So why not create your own? It’s easy with Amazon. Just order the white drapes that are light and airy. Once you have the white or whichever color drapes you prefer, you can buy some twinkle lights to spice up the photos!

DIY Wedding Backdrop
6. Centerpieces

A DIY centerpiece can be anything. It can be something like a floating candle or a flower arrangement made by yourself. So, let’s talk about how we can make these floating candles. First, you need a slim glass vase, babies breath, real candles, and water. That’s literally all you need to pull this off! Simple right!

Look how pretty baby’s breath looks submerged in water with floating candles on top.
7. favors

For wedding favors you can create a meaningful favor for everyone at a very low cost. Depending on how well you you know your friends, family, and in-laws you’ll be able to give funny favors, or heartwarming favors.

Soy Candle Wedding Favors – Chalkboard Laurel Label
8. Guest Book

This is one of our favorite DIY wedding ideas. Get a classic wedding guest book and a polaroid camera .  Don’t forget you’re going to need more film for the camera. The best part about this, is the fact that you can look back years later and see who was at your wedding, what they wore, who they went with, and see their happiness / emotion through the photo.

Guest book… guest take polaroid and put in book with a wish. Polaroid wedding guestbook
9. Beverage Ideas

Use these easy DIY beverage ideas for your wedding. Get these refreshing pitchers & these clear plastic cups. Set these up in an area near the food so people can help themselves to a nice refreshing drink!

40 DIY Cooler Carts and Stands

10. Bridal Party Gifts

Get your best girls a little something to remember your big day! Choose from something personal like house slippers, or a custom lip gloss, or chapstick.

These cute matching bridesmaid slippers are the perfect bridesmaid ‘thank you’ gift!

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