American Wedding Traditions You Should Know About

American Wedding Traditions

American wedding traditions have been around for centuries and centuries. They have come up as the rules of new weddings. Some of these customs are fun and silly and make absolutely no sense today, but being passed done throughout generations has made them iconic. 

To some, these are ancient wedding traditions are meaningless and they do not have any meaning. To others, they are not rules but fun to explore and make the big day enjoyable. Let’s make you familiar with some of the American wedding traditions you need to know about. 

The Best Man

Law does not require having the best man; it is actually a tradition passed down from the times where weddings were business transactions and not a union of love. The groom needed to find a good man to help deal with the transactions and bride’s family members. Today, a best man is usually a best friend chosen based on an ongoing friendship and not skills. 

The Ring Bearer’s Pillow

This is an American wedding tradition that symbolized the promises of dreams coming true for the couple getting married. A small child carries the pillow to represent a new beginning of a new life together. 

The Garter Toss

This tradition originates from England and France, but Americans have adopted it too. The garter symbolized good luck to whoever gets it, which is why guests would fight to get it from the bride. Today, the groom takes the garter off and throws the garter to a group of single men. Whoever catches it is to be the next lucky man to marry. Catching the garter is something like catching a bouquet for men. 

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