Easy At Home Bridal Makeup For All Brides

At Home Bridal Makeup

Alright ladies are you ready for some bridal makeup tips that will change your world?! First things first, you have to feel confident that you’re going to rock your own makeup look for your big day. Having confidence in your abilities will make this process such much easier! This blog isn’t going to be a list of makeup options you can do by yourself. Nope, instead it’s going to be a step by step how to achieve easy at home bridal makeup. Oh ya, and this can work on any bride. Ready to learn our secrets??

At Home Bridal Makeup


Good makeup is the tree to a good seeded skincare routine. Therefore, if your skin prep is terrible, your makeup will look terrible. So, in order to get good skin you need to do a few things. Wether you have oily, dry, normal, sensitive, and above all skin, we all need to exfoliate. Some ladies may choose to use chemical exfoliants, and others may use tools. We recommend using a tool, such as a facial cleansing brush. This allows you to remove any dirt, left over makeup, unwanted oils, and dead skin cells from your skin. Once you’ve exfoliated, add a moisturizing face mask on for 20 minutes and let that soak into your pores.

Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz is cute, but not on your wedding day. In order to get that smoothest face for your makeup you’ll want to dermaplane. In fact, you can dermaplane at home! Dermaplanning is the process of removing dirt, dead skin cells, and hair from your face very easily with a small razor blade. We know, “won’t my hair grow back darker & harsher?” Nope! In fact, as long as you dermaplane in the direction your hair grows you should be fine. If you’ve never heard of this and you’re curious, click here to watch a video on it.

Moisturizing & Priming

Primer is your best friend. Not only does it make your pores invisible but it also helps your foundation stay fresh looking all day. If you need a recommendation on a good primer we love the Tatcha primers!

Foundation & Concealer

For a flawless foundation application we recommend using a microfiber makeup sponge. They don’t pick up product, and they leave you with an airbrushed finish every time. Use it damp for both your foundation, concealer, and contour. Since it’s your wedding day we recommend going for a more natural face of makeup but that’s totally up to you!

Eyes & Lashes

When it comes to your eyeshadow, always add concealer first as a base. Once you’ve laid the concealer down, blend it out with your makeup sponge. After that, add a base eyeshadow color (something nude) then go in with your other colors. Don’t forget to add a sexy winged liner and then of course some comfortable beautiful lashes.

Brows & Set

Don’t forget to do your brows and over set everything in place with baking powder and of course setting spray!

We hope this blog helped layout the basics for your easy at home bridal makeup. If you would like to see inspiration for bridal makeup ideas, check out our blog Bridal Makeup.

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