Tips for Giving the Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech

Making a best man speech can be a bit scary, especially for people that are not really used to public speaking. A best man is supposed to be a sincere best friend that is going to get a few tears from quests, stand-up comedian that is going to make them laugh every minute, all while avoiding insulting or offending anyone.

To make this daunting task easier, we have put together this best man speech outline that you can customize a little bit and then follow, in order to entertain the audience and create a fun wedding atmosphere.

The Icebreaker

Firstly, you should use a comical icebreaker to get everyone’s attention and set an amusing tone for your best man speech. This will give the audience a good feel for what is coming next. You should try to find something funny to say about your own ordeal in the run-up to this speech.

For the quests who don’t know you, you should explain who you are, and provide unflattering (but entertaining) insight into what it’s like to be a best man and write a best man speech.

Appreciate the Overall Wedding

Next, focus unashamedly on the funny part of the wedding. Use this opportunity to make light of the occasion, the location, the ceremony, the wedding attire, and the wedding gifts. Making fun of formal stuff can be entertaining, as long as you are respectful and doing so with good intention of making people laugh.

Share Some Memories

Now is the time to focus in on your relationship with the groom. Offer your audience a funny and entertaining version of how you first met, your first impressions and why you are still good friends now. It would be perfectly natural to recount a personal friendship anecdote at this point, and then you better say at least one nice thing about the groom to keep his doting mother on your side.

Address The Bride

Now turn your attention to the bride. Obviously, you are not going to start poking fun at her; the last thing you want to do is upset or embarrass her on her big day. Instead, now is the time to say how beautiful she looks and how much you like her as a person. Though you cannot send the bride up, you are more than welcome to mock her choice of husband, offer your condolences on the struggle that lies ahead, and attempt an explanation for why the happy couple will be so good together.

To ensure everyone knows you are only joking, round this part up with some complimentary words about the couple’s new union and their future together.

Wrap It Up

Cue the audience that you are coming to the end with an entertaining review of the day. Some advice for the newlyweds would fit in nicely at this point, perhaps followed with an amusing observation about marriage in general.

Once you are done with the speech, you should wrap it all up with a light-hearted and loving toast to the bride and groom.

And breathe because the speech is over!

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