What a Bride Really Wants

There are a lot of things a bride wants; the most important thing is that the night of her dreams goes just as planned. We’ve all heard talk of this bridezilla that comes to life while in the midst of planning a wedding. Its time to embrace it, STRESS HAPPENS. Lets work on this as a team if we don’t want bridezilla to come to life!
How exactly can you make each brides big day dreams come true?

First discovery is that WEDDINGS ARE ALL ABOUT THE COUPLE.
Often times, we forget during the planning that the wedding is for the special couple. On the other hand, with so many things going on its hard to remain focused and RELAXED.

Tips to keeping the focus:
1. Put the bride & groom first
2. Lend a helping hand
3. Give constant reassurance
Giving constant reassurance is the biggest key to these three tips. Emotions are high while planning a big event, especially when your on a specific time frame!

Next discovery, YOU WON’T HAVE TIME TO EAT.
Now this one is a HUGE one. Ever heard of the word HANGRY? This will be, by definition every bride on their wedding day. Typical girls, we don’t want to eat so we can fit into our dresses. Keep that in mind just incase you see bridezilla!

Tips for keeping the bride fed:
1. Light snacking
2. Lots of water
3. Coffee, coffee
Light snacking is the healthiest way to get some food into the brides stomach. However, if she refuses you cant shove it in her face. Try the water option, most brides may not want to drink lots of water due to restroom access in certain types of gowns. Last option, coffee. Coffee works well to suppress hunger and you don’t have to drink tons of it, so depending on the bride this may be the best option.

In conclusion, all a bride wants is some reassurance and food. Focusing on these two key concepts while planning your wedding will be your answers to keeping a sane bride. Until next time, brides if you’re reading this leave us comments on what to blog about next, also give us feedback on this blog!

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