Blush Bridesmaid Dresses For Spring

Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning your wedding comes down to a lot of small tasks that are going to make for a beautiful day (actually, the most beautiful day of your life). Some of these tasks are very easy, some of them are hard, but some of them fall into the third category. These tasks tend to look very easy, but they are actually not as easy as they look. One of those tasks is choosing the perfect color for your bridesmaid dresses. It seems like an easy choice right. But let’s take a look at that one more time.


It is a really good option, because we like to wear black whenever we are in doubt, and it looks good on everyone. Seems like a great choice, right? Well, it is not a really good option because it’s a wedding day and a day for celebration, and black is not really appropriate.


Well, since the black color doesn’t work, maybe you should go for the polar opposite? Well, you might if you really want to, but that is not the custom that a lot of people tend to follow. After all, the bride is the only person that should wear white on her wedding day.


Beige is one of the most elegant and timeless color out there, and it would be a great option for your bridesmaids… but it tends to make people look washed out. Your bridesmaids are going to look amazing in real life, but you are going to be chocked when you see the wedding pictures with a bunch of ghosts.

So, what is the answer? What is the perfect color for bridesmaids’ dresses? Blush! Blush color suits every skin tone without washing it out, it won’t take the attention away from the bride, and it will look flattering on everyone.

Bellow, we have prepared a gallery of our favorite blush bridesmaids’ dresses. We hope that they are going to inspire you to pick the perfect dress for the most important women in your life.

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