Planning a Wedding during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus Wedding Planning

The situation with COVID-19 sounds less than stellar every single day, which is why it is impossible to know what the future holds. That means that we need to get constructive and put a plan in place! Here’s a few tips for all the couples Coronavirus Wedding Planning!

If you are in the earliest phase of planning your wedding…

If you are in the earliest phase of planning your wedding, use this time of isolation to inspire yourself. Browse Pinterest inspiration boards and pin whatever catches your eye. Create a list of guests, all those people close to your heart who you cannot wait to see again! Take a tour of reception venues (virtually, of course!) and study the testimonials. You should use this time to do everything you can from the comfort of your own home. It will make things easier later (once all of this is over), and you will use this time constructively.  

If you are done with the earliest phase of planning your wedding…

For those who completed this part, continue with studying potential vendors carefully. This means learning about your potential bands, DJs, videographers, florists, photographers… COVID-19 situation is going to allow you to dedicate much more time to this, so you may be able to find hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

This means that you should read their reviews, study their work, follow them on Instagram… If you like someone, you should get in touch with them and talk! You can have a meeting with the most promising candidates (of course, on Skype, no leaving the house), meet them and see how you get along.

If you are in the advanced stage of planning your wedding…

If you are in an advanced stage of planning and already have both a date and suppliers, do not cancel the wedding – postpone it!

Only because corona messed up your short-term plans does not mean you should quit altogether. Do not deny yourselves the day you have been dreaming of and invested so much effort into.

If your wedding date is soon…

If your wedding date is soon, in the following few months, explore your vendors’ postponement policies. Talk with them and try to find a new date when the majority (if not all) of your suppliers are still available. Most of them will be forthcoming and move your deposits to new dates free of charge.

If your date is closer to the end of the 2020…

If your date is closer to the end of the 2020 and you feel it’s still too early to postpone, we still suggest to start thinking about a plan B and figure out another potential date. If things don’t start looking up in the following months, you will deal with uncertainty much more easily knowing you already have an alternative in mind.

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