Farmhouse Theme Wedding

Have you ever been to a farmhouse wedding? If you haven’t, we’re going to show you how its done, everything about this theme is so cute and warm. From the hill sides to the decor, farmhouse weddings are so chic! In celebration of National Farmer’s Day, here is some relevant wedding inspiration.

What to Expect

It’s very likely, that the wedding will mostly be outdoors. As you can imagine, farmhouse weddings take place on a farm. Go Figure! With that said, ladies you’ll want to avoid wearing heel so your feet don’t sink into the grass. We recommend cowgirl boots or even flats for under your dress, who is really going to see with your dress covering your feet right? Fellas, you can wear whichever shoes you choose, you always get the easy way out.


Most of the time, you won’t be surrounded with city lights. One thing we love about being out of the city, is the fact that most of the time you can see the stars. When decorating drape warm lights outside over the dance floors and where the people will be gathering. This will really help relax peoples moods and show everyone the way to the dance floor! Often times, the decorations will be white, such as the chairs, the isle, the arches, tablecloths, dance floor, etc.

Depending on Seasons..

Depending on the season, if your having your farmhouse wedding in the winter, you’ll want to supply heat lamps and a place to go inside to stay warm. However, in the summer it’s a whole different story. We recommend, having plenty of bug repellant, seating, and cold refreshments for your guests. Another great tip would be, use a barn with lots of trees near by, for natural shading & to add more lighting.

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