Fast & Easy DIY Wedding Hairstyles

diy wedding hairstyles

On the hunt for the perfect DIY wedding hairstyles? We’ve got your inspo! Here are some fast, simple, easy, but gorgeous hairstyles to make you look like a princess on your big day. Plus we’ve added all the steps to achieve each look!

DIY Wedding Hairstyles

DIY Hollywood Curls

Step 1: Shower, make a center or side parting in your hair using a comb.

Step 2: Hair spray your hair, and work it through your hair from the roots to the tips. Make sure that the spray is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

Step 3: Part the hair into two sections, holding up each section with a clip. Take each section at a time and blow-dry the lower section and the upper section of the hair.

Step 4: When the hair is dried, handpick some hair not having less than 3 inches width and then roll it into a warm curling iron. Leave the hair wrapped for 10 seconds and then carefully remove the curling iron leaving the curls behind.

Step 5: Do this until all the hair in the two sections has been rolled and curled up. Then leave and allow to cool.

Step 6: Use a paddle brush to comb through the curls leaving some loosed waves behind. The more you comb, the more your waves get loosed, so you should decide on the intensity of the curls.

diy wedding hairstyles
Hollywood Curls

DIY Braided Ponytail

Step 1: Run your comb thoroughly through clean dry hair from the root to the tips to remove tangles.

Step 2: Make a side or center parting with a tail comb on your hair. Let the parting be as long as your forefinger so that you have more hair to the back without a parting.

Step 3: Divide the hair into an upper and lower section vertically starting from the back, at the top of your right ear down to the other side and clip. Then comb each section of hair from the root to the tip.

Step 4: Remove the clip and comb the hair together in a backward movement and hold the hair together with a hairband to form a ponytail.

Step 5: Braid the ponytail. Clip the tip of the braided ponytail with a fashion hair clip to prevent the hair from loosening up.

diy wedding hairstyles
DIY Braided Hair

DIY Updo Bun

Making updo buns is easier than you think! This hairstyle will make you look simple but classy.

Step 1: Wash your hair and then blow dry.

Step 2: Comb the hair thoroughly from the root to the tips.

Step 3: Then spray your hair with some hair moisturizer to give it sleek and shiny blush. Then comb the hair in a forward motion.

Step 4: Once you are sure that the hair is tangle free, pack the hair together with your hands and hold firmly at the base towards the front of your head. Hold the hair together at the root with some hairband and pack tightly to form a ponytail. You can pack it towards the side too but make sure it moves towards the front of your head a little bit.

Step 5: Roll up the tail in the form of a doughnut and clip with a fashion clip. Then you are ready to flaunt your hairstyle. It’s as simple as that!

DIY Wedding hairstyles
DIY Wedding Bun
DIY wedding hairstyles
DIY fishtail braid wedding hairstyle idea for long hair

Hairstyling Tools You Will Need:

  • Hair Curling Irons
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Hair Clip Bobby Pins
  • Comb
  • Rollers
  • Ribbon
  • Headbands
  • Hair clippers

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