Fights During Wedding Planning And What To Do

Fights During Wedding Planning

The road to the most beautiful day in your life is often paved with inevitable stress, tasks, and (yes) even fights. Feeling like you and your fiancé is the only ones at each other’s throats? Well, you’re not! Here are 3 wedding-related fights that EVERY couple has at some point in the planning process. Trust us.

The “I Don’t Care” Fight

You really want to talk about every single little detail, because it truly matters to you. Your fiancé says he/she “doesn’t care” which ones go on your reception tables and tells you to choose whatever you want. For example, being highly emotional (because, hello, wedding planning!), you take this to mean that he/she doesn’t care about the wedding, getting married, your relationship, and, of course, you. Breathe. Just…breathe.

The Random Guest Fight

You say the more the merrier when it comes to your nuptials. Your partner says he/she wants something more intimate, yet he/she is inviting his/her best friends’ parents. Also, if she wants an intimate wedding, why is she inviting her coworker she only hangs with at work? In fact, chances are, you’ll have this fight more than one time as you go through your guest list. Be prepared to compromise to help ease the tension.

The Budget Fight

Finally, your partner thinks that sit-down steak dinner with all the fixings is a good choice. You want heaps of garden roses. Both of these things, clearly, cost a considerable amount of money. In fact, trying to see eye-to-eye on how you should spend your wedding fund requires a hefty load of giving and take — and you might have more than a couple of spats on the way to a compromise. But when all of that is sorted out and done, the only thing that really matters is that you end up married, right?

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