First Thanksgiving as a married couple tips


As Thanksgiving approaches, you are probably anticipating the delicious food, spending time with loved ones, and the early bedtime that tends to happen naturally as soon as all those hours of eating fully hit you. If this is your first time celebrating Thanksgiving as a married couple, you naturally want to make a good impression on everyone gathered for the occasion. We want you to be a lot less nervous and a lot more excited, so we collected some tips to help you. 

Reach out to the host. 

If the Thanksgiving dinner is happening at your partner’s family house and you already have a good, stable relationship with them, you should send a text or give them a day or two before to see how you might be able to help prepare. Offering help is going to show that you are humble and willing to help them out, and that you are not a guest but a part of a family. 

Always bring a gift. 

Even if you feel totally at ease and comfortable with your partner’s family, you should avoid showing up empty-handed, especially to a major event like Thanksgiving. The foolproof options are always wine, flowers, or gourmet chocolates for the host. In addition, if you want some extra brownie points with your partner’s family, pick up goodies for children and pets too. 

Practice basic manners. 

Thanksgiving at your partner’s family house is not a casual Thursday dinner at home, and there are some special rules you need to follow in order to leave a good impression. Wait to dig into your food until everyone is seated and served. Make sure you are taking small bites and chewing your mouth closed. Never speak with your mouth full and ask for dishes to be passed instead of reaching across the table. 

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