How Do I Prepare For My Wedding?

Prepare For My Wedding

Things You Can Do to Prepare For Your Wedding Day 

The process of getting ready on the morning of your wedding can be quite stressful, and you mind find yourself feeling very nervous and stressed out. Your wedding is such a big deal, and there is such a huge lead up to it! And before you even get a chance to turn around and notice, you’re waking up on your wedding day excited and nervous, about to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life. 

So, in order to help you prepare for your wedding morning, we are presenting some things you should do during your wedding morning to make sure it is as chilled out, relaxing, and fun as possible. 

Make Sure to Have an Early Night

The night before your wedding, you absolutely need to go to bed. It might take you a little bit longer to drift off since you will be excited, so make sure to head to bed a little bit earlier than normal. You should download a mindfulness app; drink some calming tea and a calming playlist to help you into a peaceful slumber. 

Lay Out your Dress and Accessories

Make sure to have your dress hanging up and all your shoes, accessories, lingerie and garter laid out, with the labels cut off beforehand. This means that everything is going to be ready for you to slip into when you hair and makeup are done. If you are bringing a small bag with all of your essentials (lipstick, gums, a hair pin), make sure to prepare it and leave this ready to go too.

Eat Breakfast!

Many brides say they feel too excited or anxious to eat during their wedding morning, but it really is important to enjoy a light, healthy breakfast to get you through your wedding day. We recommend a bowl of fresh fruit, natural yogurt and granola and a calming herbal tea. Make sure to avoid greasy and heavy foods, since these can make you feel bloated.

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