How to Let Everyone in on the Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Hashtag

From royal affairs to celebrity weddings, everything seems to be happening right within our phone screens in this era of social media. After all, why wouldn’t you want to have all of those wedding pictures (even the ones your photographer did not take), all in one place, a few clicks away? 

Digital trends have become an integral part of the planning and execution process of all major events of our lives, and that is an entirely understandable fact, knowing how big of a role social media plays in our lives. 

Ways to Encourage your Guests to Use your Wedding Hashtag 

It is essential to get your own wedding hashtag in place to collect all of the amazing glimpses of your wedding on social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram. Therefore, it is even more important to communicate your hashtag to your guests and mates and, to ensure that they use the hashtag while sharing the content about your wedding over their social media platforms.

Here, we suggest some of the most useful and fantastic ways to encourage your guests to use your wedding hashtag, so that you can visit it whenever you want and relive that magic day again and again.

Announce it on your and your fiancé’s social media handles.

Now, the first people to use the wedding hashtag must be you and your future spouse. Use the hashtag in your wedding announcement post or other random posts that relate to your happiness and preparations for the wedding day, and the guests will follow in your steps.

Put the hashtag on your wedding invites.

Every guest is ought to read the invitation with excitement and extreme carefulness. Therefore, if you mention your wedding hashtag on the invite, every guest will surely be aware of it and encouraged to use it.

Make Your Wedding Hashtag Unique but Easy-to-Remember. 

The key to getting all of your quests to use your wedding hashtag is making it simple, quirky, and easy to remember. If your wedding hashtag is too complicated, long, or tricky, people will not memorize it, which is why they will not use it.

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