How to Negotiate a Discount with Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is probably the most expensive event you will ever pay for, and that is without counting the honeymoon. Between the dress, the venue, catering, and all the extras that make it special, you will probably be spending tens of thousands of dollars; even if you are working with a tight budget and looking to save up.

Many couples pay the asking price and miss out on the significant discounts that may be available if they only asked. One of these things is a wedding venue. If you want to negotiate a discount with your chosen wedding venue and do not know how to go about it, keep reading to find out. 

Do Your Research

When you are negotiating for a discount, the more information you have, the better. If you are only talking to one wedding venue, you are in a poor negotiating position because they know that they are your only real option. Instead, talk to several venues in the area and find out their prices – even if you do not want them. 

Ask With Confidence

It is natural to feel nervous if you are not experienced at negotiating, but you do not want to show it. If you come off as timid, they will know they can refuse your request without risking your business. Ideally, you should not attach any emotion to the outcome of the negotiation and you should just ask. 

Start Low

The first offer is rarely accepted in negotiations, and that should not discourage you. You are likely to end up at a point somewhere between your first offer and the standard price. If you are not sure where to start, you should go for a 20 percent discount, since it is low but not insulting.

Be Prepared to Haggle

Once you have made your first offer to the venue, you will get one of three responses: an acceptance (which is very unlikely), a flat refusal to negotiate, or a counter offer below the original asking price but above the amount you have offered. This is where you need to prepared to haggle and get the most compromising offer that works for both sides. 

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