How to slim your waist before your wedding

Slimming your waist is a lot more than just doing crunches. In fact, doing crunches is the least important part of getting a slim waist. There are 4 phases that you will need to go through to get to your bridal body goals & slim your waist.

Proper Nutrition 

Having the right nutrition is the most important part of achieving a slim figure. Using a guided meal plan is perfect for busy brides that have to balance their relationship, work, and planning a wedding. Most of us think we need to count calories and cut the goodies out of life in order to get to our weight goals. I’m here to tell you, that’s not true. While you’ll want to decrease the amount of junky foods you are consuming, thats mostly for your health in the long run. Having the right meal plan created just for you, your lifestyle & eating habits is one of the best ways to enjoy foods you love & lose weight!

Proper Hydration 

Increasing the amount of water you’re drinking per day has a large impact of how fast you will lose weight. Most people don’t know this, but a lot of the time you feel “hungry” but your body actually wants water. Now, there are 2 ways to get more water in your body. First, drink more water of course. Second, is to eat high water content foods such as fruits and vegetables. Not only does increasing the amount of water in the body help with the flow of your digestive track, (if you know what i mean💩💩💩). Which makes you less bloated & more clear. It also helps your hair, skin and nails look healthier & shinier. How can you go wrong with more water?

Proper Sleep

Rest & rejuvenation are often the most overlooked by people on their fitness journey. I can’t lie, I am guilty of pushing this step to the side at times. We all need help in some area of our lives. This was the one i needed the most help with. I was sleeping 4hours or less a night, some nights. There is no one else to blame but myself & guess what? I fixed it. It took me a while & some days I fall back into 4 hours of rest, but it’s not sustainable. Also, as women we naturally need more rest due to our body cycles. Not only that, I would push myself to train through my cycle. So with experience I can tell you, your body will not change without proper rest & rejuvenation. We need time to heal, rebuild, and change. 

Proper Workout Program

Ahh, the part everyone thinks is the most important…working out.

Following a guided & well structured workout program is important to getting to your goals & staying organized on the way there. However, fitness & working out is only 20% or less of this equation. With that being said, during that small percentage of training you have to make sure that you have the right plan to get you to the goals you have, by the time frame you want. So, it’s not so much how often you train, but the quality of your training. Teaming up with the right trainer is key to your workout success.

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