Improving Weddings From A Guest’s Point Of View

Having worked in the Wedding Industry for quite sometime, we have seen our share of extravaganzas and moderate photoshoots, ceremonies, and receptions. When it comes hosting a wedding, guests aren’t the main focus, it’s the bride & groom. However, there are a few ways of improving the wedding guest experience.

Cell Phone-less Dinner

During dinner, at each table have your guests put their cellphones in the center in a pile. This will encourage people to start chatting and bring more excitement into the room. Also, give your new in-laws a chance to get to know each other better. Remember, your wedding should be full of loud people, crazy stories, and funny jokes!

Photo Booth

Providing a photo booth gives your guests something interactive to do with each other. Ask your booth vendor to bring props so you can really spice up those photos. A photo booth also allows people to put down their snapchat & just enjoy the night.

Slide Show

Get everyone excited, have your guests gather around and watch a slide show together. Make sure you add funny moments, and heartfelt moments from the present and the past. Bringing up old stories is a great way to get people chatting, also most people remember one thing and think of all kinds of stories.

Open Bar

Open bars are the way to go!!  It’s your wedding, why wouldn’t you ? Most of the time, guest’s will drink and party as long as you let them. Make sure you have plenty of booze and chasers, also keep cases of water close by.

Cigar Giveaway

It’s fun to be fancy once in a while. One idea we fell in love with after attending a few weddings & receptions was having cigars for guests. Everyone loved it, especially us! It’s classy, it’s vintage, and it’s fun. Even if you’re not big smokers, you never know about your guests! After all, its about improving the overall experience for everyone.


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