Pre & Post Marriage Proposal Tips!

 You know they’re the one, and you sit contemplating how to ask your significant other to marry you and stand by your side for the next exciting chapter of your lives together. A marriage proposal should be a special and memorable moment, but every couple has a different definition of what that entails. Below we have a few tips to help you decide if a traditional or on-trend proposal is the right way to pop the question, and also some tips on the next steps following your engagement.

Proposal Tip 1: The Traditional Route

If prefer to have it just be the two of you who share in the moment, come up with a plan that takes you to the monumental places that you have shared your most memorable milestones together. Map out a day to spend at each location, like where you had your first date or first said I love you. Then find the perfect spot to pop the question that’s unique yet special to you and your soon to be fiance. Apps like Tripadvisor can help spark some ideas of places that could make for the right proposal spot, and can even help to get your partners feedback discreetly prior to the big moment.

If you prefer to propose in front of friends and family, the holiday season is a great time to gather with loved ones and plan for the big question. Maybe allow them to take part in the proposal, making it more unique. Having a little extra element, like your them releasing confetti and decorating, can put a personal touch to the proposal and also involve those who know you best!

Proposal Tip 2: The On-Trend Proposal

An on-trend marriage proposal does not have to mean extravagant. Some current trends are actually just small unique touches added to a traditional engagement. One of which being, shopping for the ring together! Some see this as taking away the element of surprise, but others prefer to have a say in the ring. It allows time for personal engravings, ensuring the sizing is right, and that it’s a ring that fits both their taste and lifestyle.

If an exciting and over the top engagement is more your style, consider a destination proposal. Many couples are planning their engagement around their travel plans to propose in a unique setting. But, if you’re worried about the ring getting damaged, lost, or even seen by your partner during your travels, check out online jewelry sites like Blue Nile ahead of time. They make it easy to search for trendy engagement rings that can be shipped almost anywhere, and right to where you plan to stay. Be sure to prepare where you will propose while making your travel plans. If you plan on doing it at a local destination spot, reach out ahead of time to ask for any possible personal touches you might want.

Post Proposal: What now?

Before planning the minor details of your wedding, set a date. This will establish a timeline to plan other aspects of the wedding, and give yourself at least one year to make arrangements. With certain seasons being more popular than others, consider a date for your big day accordingly, especially when booking a venue or catering service.

Being on the same page financially can limit unwanted stress between you and your partner, so establish a budget. Be open and honest about the amount of money that can be put towards your wedding essentials, and ways the costs can be prioritized. It also helps to plan and account for any unexpected costs that may occur throughout the process, making the days leading up to your wedding celebration run smoothly. Check out these helpful budgeting tips to get you started on your budget, and ways to keep your wedding expenses in check.

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