Men’s Wedding Attire for Beach Celebration

Men’s Wedding Attire

Ah, those amazing beach weddings! We love them because they are a lot of fun and they make for some amazing memories, but we hate them because they can get too hot and too sandy for one’s taste! This is especially true for men because women can wear breezy summer dresses, but men do not have that option available. 

If you are a man going to a beach wedding and wondering what to wear in order to be equally elegant and comfortable, keep on reading, because we have some amazing tips for you. 

Best Fabrics

If you are going to a beach wedding, you should consider wearing linen or cotton.  Whether you wear slacks and a button-down shirt or a suit depends on the dress code, but linen and cotton (which are natural materials) are going to make you feel the most comfortable. 

Ideal Colors

A tan, grey, blue or cream-colored linen suit with a white shirt is going to be the most appropriate and comfortable beach wedding attire for men. Also, light-colored linen shirt paired with white or beige slacks will look great and keep you looking and feeling cool.


When it comes to beach weddings, you should always try to wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off and that you feel comfortable in. Also, make sure to wear shoes that you won’t regret getting all sandy (so no expensive, elegant, real leather footwear). And make sure to bring a pair of socks as a spare.  


Are hats yes or no for a beach wedding? Well, hats are a definitive YES! They will keep you protected, they are fashionable, and they will fit in perfectly with the team of the beach wedding. The truth is that beach weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring out your fedora. 

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