Modern Wedding Decor Ideas

Not a lot of parties in your life are going to have as much traditions as a wedding is going to, but that does not mean you cannot change a few things to customize it and make it feel like your own. If you are looking to plan a wedding with a traditional feel and a classic structure, but your rebellious heart still longs for a hint of modernity, then this article is perfect for you. A lot of couples are looking for different modern wedding decor ideas that are going to bring their big days into the 21st century. We have collected all of them for you in this list of trendy modern wedding decor ideas. 

Use ghost chairs

Using unexpected materials such as vellum, concrete or acrylic is one of the most exiting parts of adding modern dashes to your wedding planning and it can bring a modern feel to any wedding theme. Acrylic chairs are quite literally transparent, which is why they are going to allow all the elements around them to shine. The look of a floating ceremony built on top of a garden fountain helped bring a modern edge to this setup with the addition of acrylic ghost chairs.

Make Your Bridal Party Mismatched

Instead of making all of your bridesmaids wear the same dress, you also have the option of putting your bridal party in various bridesmaids dresses. A mismatched bridal party is going to add a whimsical element to your wedding day and the photos, and it is going to allow every bridesmaid to shine in her own way. You can let your bridal party pick their own dresses, but you can also prompt them on a specific color/style/design that you encourage them to wear. Either way, the end result will be something playfully elegant and definitely modern.

Set The Tone With Stationary

The best way to send the message of modern wedding design and tone is to utilize your wedding invitations and other stationery. A wedding invitation is going to be the first indication of your wedding style, which makes it a key element in your wedding theme. If you are going for a modern wedding vibe, you should go for a bold text set against a minimal design, since it is going to project a simple and fresh design for your stationery.

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