New Year’s Proposal Ideas

New Year’s Proposal Ideas

We are all familiar that the peak of the wedding season across the globe is the winter! The winter season is the season when so many couples across the country decide to take advantage of wintery weather and holidays to tie the knot. Winter is also the most popular season for couples to get engaged, especially on the day when one year becomes the next one! If you are having trouble coming up with some romantic New Year’s proposal ideas, we have prepared a list to help you out and get you inspired!

Pop the Question the Stroke of Midnight 

Nothing more romantic than a midnight stroll beneath the stars, but the midnight stroll on New Year’s Eve is something special. At the stroke of midnight, make your move and ask her the big question! You can celebrate with a New Year’s midnight kiss and kick off the New Year, ready to begin the rest of your lives together.

As Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Making a list of New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition that people do all over the world, at the beginning of every New Year. You should use this smartly, and treat it as an opportunity to make your move and pop the big question. Pick somewhere quiet where you can be alone; it does not have to be extra fancy and special, make sure that it is romantic. Let her read her list, and then read your own list, which should be centered entirely on your love for her and how you want to spend the rest of your days with her. Oh, and do not forget to show her the ring! 

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes the best way to ask your girlfriend to marry you is to go back to the place where you started. For every couple, that place is different: a restaurant where you had your first date, the pool where you first spent a day together, a trail where you first said your ‘I love You’s.  If possible, take her to that place and the clock strikes midnight and the New Year starts, ask her to spend her years with you. 

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