15 Tips on Proper Wedding Etiquette

proper etiquette

Wondering why people behave the way they do, which can sometimes be irritating. That could be because they are not trained in proper wedding etiquette, or they cannot relate to the situation or environment that they are in at that period of time.

Etiquette encompasses the way we behave, relate with others, react to situations, and how we want to be treated by other people. Just like the popular saying that “you can’t give what you don’t have”. If you don’t learn to practice proper wedding etiquette, don’t expect other people to do the same to you.

15 Tips on Proper Wedding Etiquette

  1. Pull the chair out for your lady and tuck it in after her as well.
  2. Always open the door, hold the door, for someone coming in after you or ladies.
  3. Whilst eating, start from the outside of the silverware in. Use cutlery according to what you are eating. Example, don’t use a steak knife to cut bread, and so on.
  4. Remain polite to all staff working events you attend. At the wedding, be kind to the servers, hostess, and even janitors.
  5. Thank your limo drivers and tip them well. As they are making sure you get to and from each destination safely.
  6. Don’t gossip or talk about your problems at your wedding, or anyone’s wedding. This is bad company and it’s also a happy time, so why ruin it?
  7. Be helpful. Help clean up if need be, or help carry the brides dress or bouquet.
  8. While making a toast try not to use many curse words. Since there may be parents & children there.
  9. Make sure that you return all items you have borrowed from a the ceremony.
  10. If you get drunk and you bump into people, make sure you apologize, and take a break to drink water.
  11. RSVP is very important. When you you are asked to RSVP make sure you communicate with the host. People who wait till last minute will often lose good spots or even be forgot about.
  12. Never slam doors at parties or argue with your significant other. Save that for when you get home. Since you could ruin the event for others.
  13. When going to the bride or grooms house, if they have pets, always ask first before you pet them.
  14. Make sure you add a ‘please’ when making a request even when you are the boss.
  15. Make sure that you dress to fit where you are going to avoid any form of embarrassment.

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