Why Couples Love Our SKY Studio Estate

SKY Studio Estate

The SKY Studio Estate is the perfect spot of modern couples that love sleek venues with skyline views. In fact SKY Studio is exactly that! This estate sits on the 30th floor of a high rise in Downtown Los Angeles. With 30-foot tall windows on three sides of the space and incredible 300-degree views. So, why exactly do so many couples book their wedding receptions, ceremonies, and photoshoots here?

SKY Studio Wedding Reception

SKY Studio Estate


For starters, the lighting is perfect. The dramatic and architecturally lit penthouse is most modern couples’s dream photo location. With floor to ceiling windows and controlled lighting by shades this studio is absolutely stunning. Not to mention the walls are white and the decor also features clean white sofas and modern props.


Next, it’s very hard to get the view of LA in a photo when you’re in the middle of the city. SKY Studio sits perfectly on the outer edges of Los Angeles setting the scene for the perfect backdrop. Also, we can’t forget to tell about the helicopter pad! Yes, there is a private access helicopter pad on the top of the building where most couples shoot their photos (this is however, an additional fee).

SKY Studio Estate
Helicopter Pad at SKY Studio

Because SKY Studio is on the top floor in one of the busiest building in Downtown LA you can imagine security is pretty heavy. Therefore, people cannot just wonder into the venue while you’re shooting your wedding photos. When you book SKY Studio for your wedding photos, the whole place is yours for that amount of time. This makes things more comfortable for you as a couple and less stressful when having to worry about randoms getting in your photos. Also, it is private access by key cards.

No matter what your style is, SKY Studio Estate will make for an unforgettable scene. Your love knows no limits. Capture it with the boundless backdrop of SKYstudio™.

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