Steps for a Unique Wedding Hashtag In 2021

Unique Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags have stormed onto the scene as one of the most wedding addictive traditions, and we are absolutely here for it! Wedding hashtags are usually one of the first things many couples make a decision on when planning their wedding. 

Why is a wedding hashtag so important? Because it makes your life easier! It allows you to connect with your guests, see pictures from all throughout the day without asking your guests to send them over, and document memories forever.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a unique hangtag for your own wedding, do not worry, we are here to help with some guidance and tips!  

Use the Date of the Big Day

Consider choosing your wedding hashtag that contains your wedding date in it. If you are having a hard time finding a hashtag that hasn’t already been taken then consider using your wedding date. This may actually help you create a tag that is yours and yours only! 

Add some fun rhyming  

Rhyming some words in the hashtag can bring out a creative option for all of your guest. Another huge plus of a unique wedding hashtag is that the chances of someone using it before you are really low, and you won’t have to share! 

Make sure to include the names of the venue or location. 

Adding the name of your venue or the name of your wedding’s state/city into your hashtag may actually help it get more reach on Instagram and Facebook! If you are all about sharing your big day with as many people as possible, this is a great way to reach them as it pushes your images into your venue’s audience. 

Use your future shared last name (or even your first names, if it fits). 

Many of brides opt for a fun way to include their names in their hashtags. Some of the examples are #NowFeaturingtheFlemings (Fleming is their last name), #ToTheWindowToTheHals (Hals is their last name) and #SoonToBeSawyers (using his last name).

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