The Best DIY Wedding Backdrop Ideas

DIY Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Are you handy with a glue gun, talented with tools and proficient with paint? It does take a bit of hard work to pull off a completely DIY wedding day. However, in the end, we say it is worth it! You are left with a celebration full of personal touches, and very likely, a lot of money saved.

Of course, not every element of the wedding has to be DIY. If you feel like getting your hands dirty, we suggest focusing on one thing and going in full force. The wedding backdrop is a central piece that will frame the most important part of the day. And bonus, the backdrop can double as a piece for the reception table or even a photo backdrop for guests! A huge focal point happens to be a great canvas for your creativity to take flight.

To make this process easier for you, we have gathered some of the most inspiration pieces and tips that can totally be made in your background. These DIY ideas are going to allow you to take your favorite elements and make it your own!

A Beautifully Colorful Floral Grid

Just because the name says DIY does not mean you have to do everything yourself- you are allowed a little bit of help here and there. These handy grid walls can be purchased on Amazon for a steal! From there, it is just a matter of adding some flowers in the colors of your wedding theme, as well as some greenery to fulfill a look.

Layered Greenery and Floral Hoops

Here is a DIY for floral hoops on a smaller scale, but the idea is the same! Get some embroidery hoops or spray paint hula-hoops for your base. Once that step is done, use some floral wire or zip ties to attach the greenery. Just make sure your venue will help you sort out how to hang them!

The Triangle Arch

The triangle backdrop is a popular one because it is the perfect canvas for florals. Plus, it frames the couple so well, and it looks amazing in the wedding pictures (your wedding photographer is going to love you)! The photos are going to give you a good idea as to the mechanics of a wooden triangle. Whether you want to assemble it on the spot or get it transported, it is completely your choice and depends on the situation and the circumstances.

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