How To Find The Perfect Wedding Planner

The Perfect Wedding Planner

To save yourself from the stress of wedding planning, you will need a perfect wedding planner who will understand the details of how you want your “big day” to look like. But finding the right person is most time not that easy since you are not sure you will go along smoothly with each other. Nevertheless, here are 6 tips you can consider to help you determine if a wedding planner is just the right person you have been looking for.

1. Passion for the job

You will be able to determine if a wedding planner has a passion for the job and loves brides just from the first set of words coming from his/her mouth. Don’t only trust information and reviews from a wedding planner’s website place a phone call through to the planner and get talking. If you feel warm and satisfied talking with the person, you can freely share your mind with the planner without him cutting in or imposing a certain design he feels is right for you, then put this wedding planner on the top list of planners you will later consider signing a business deal with.

2. Possibility mindset

Does the wedding planner feel the type of wedding you want to organize, and the events you want to include are realistic with your budget? If yes, then that’s a potential perfect wedding planner. A perfect wedding planner should see through your eyes and be ready to work with your budget to achieve your dream wedding. A wedding planner should not exceed your budget but must be able to deliver excellently within the existing budget.

3. Gives attention to every minute details

If a wedding planner has to ask you the same question over and over again, that is an indication that he/she might forget a lot of things you will want to be included in your wedding event. However, any wedding planner that gives attention to every minute details without you having to remind them just the second time is a perfect wedding planner you can go with.

4. Awareness of the latest trends of wedding events

Since you will need a modern and latest wedding theme and design you must seek out for a wedding planner who has current knowledge of wedding trends and prices of items. Wedding planners who have skills for modern wedding designs and are personally creative are perfect. You wouldn’t want to have the same wedding event style you cousin had three or six months ago.

5. Honesty

You must be sure the wedding planner is honest enough to tell you the facts, do whatever he/she says he will and does not change agreement every time. You will need someone you can trust so that your mind will be at rest.

6. Time management and meeting deadlines

Aside from the reviews from the wedding planners websites ask them about how they have been able to successfully plan a wedding in their paste engagements. Check out the duration or time limit given to them by other brides and the time they were able to deliver the completed tasks or they were still running around on the wedding day. Also, check if they are an organized type or just a scattered person.

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