The Right Wedding Songs For Each Dance

The Right Wedding Songs

When it comes to choosing the right wedding songs it’s not the task you want to leave until the last minute, trust me. So, ensuring that you have the best wedding reception music is essential. Apart from the fact that the music sets the theme for the wedding, you will get to hear these songs over and over when you watch the wedding videos. In fact, the most popular wedding music genres are usually soul music, jazz, classic, ballads, hip hop and R & B. With that being said, today we are sharing with you the top, and the very best wedding music. For example, you cam use these songs at your upcoming wedding, nuptials, or tying of the proverbial knot. With choices for the best wedding reception music among other fun titles.

The Right Wedding Songs

How To Choose The Right Wedding Songs

In choosing the music for your wedding, the overall theme for the wedding plays an important role in the genre of music. For instance, a country themed wedding should definitely have country wedding songs. Also, the different segments of the wedding come into play here. For example, there’s a host of popular wedding reception music to choose from for a grand reception.

Wedding Ceremony And Reception Music

For the ceremony, there’s music which is just right for the entrance of the bride and whatever other procession there might be. Also, for the father – daughter dance, couple dance, or even mother – son dance. There’s quite a number of popular wedding dance music which can make for a really unforgettable experience.

So, as promised, below is a list of the very best in wedding music:

Wedding entrance music:

• Johnny Cash: “I Walk the Line”
• The Corrs: “Haste to the Wedding”
• The Beach Boys: “God Only Knows”
• Cake: “Love You Madly”
• Keb’ Mo’: “Every Morning”
• José Gonazalez: “Heartbeats”
• The Ramones: “Baby, I Love You”

Best wedding reception music (the couple):

• Peter Gabriel: “In Your Eyes”
• Celine Dion: “Because You Loved Me”
• Norah Jones: “Turn Me On”
• James Ingram: “So This Is Love”
• Sara Bareilles: “Love Song”
• John Legend: “All of Me”
• Lorde: “400 Lux”
• Alabama: “Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go”
• The Alabama Shakes: “I Found You”
• Ed Sheeran: “Thinking Out Loud”
• Adele: “One and Only”
• The Avett Brothers: “I and Love and You”
• Ben Harper: “Forever”
• Michael Bublé: “Hold On”
• Nat King Cole: “That’s All”

Popular wedding dance music (father – daughter; mother –son as you wish):

• The Beatles: “Here Comes the Sun”
• Joni Mitchell: “Both Sides, Now”
• Eric Clapton: “May You Never”
• Paul Simon: “Father and Daughter”
• Paul McCartney: “Little Willow”
• Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: “Teach Your Children”
• Kanye West: “Hey Mama”
• Christina Aguilera: “Oh Mother”
• James Taylor: “You’ve Got a Friend”
• Bette Midler: “Wind Beneath My Wings”
• Natalie Merchant: “Kind and Generous”
• Lauren Alaina: “Like My Mother Does”

Finally, I must say that although not a lengthy list, these chosen are by far the best wedding music I have chanced upon. Music does make a wedding, so choose, and choose with your heart.

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