How to Include Holiday Touches in Your December Wedding

Include Holiday Touches

Well, ladies, you have opted for a winter wonderland theme and the big day is soon approaching. With all of the preparations, you surely don’t want to miss out on any of the details that really make that winter theme come to life.

Winter Icing

Icing on the cake

Yes, literally! There are so many amazing catering services, especially across the US, that are willing to work with you to create the perfect menu. From the drinks, to the appetizers all the way to an ice-cream cake, you can really incorporate the white wedding theme through food and drinks. You can serve cold appetizers to bring the winter in, or some warm, hearty dishes to make everyone feel like they’re at a family Christmas dinner. You can go as far as serving strawberry Santa’s and present-shaped truffles.

Cozy Wedding

Stay warm

Take it from European designers, you can have a wedding dress for any season. Combine a long-sleeve gown with a wonderful cape, a knit wool vest or a cashmere scarf to wrap around yourself. Not only will this keep you warm enough throughout the ceremony in a snowy park or an old church, but it will also give you the coziness of winter without sacrificing any fashion.

Live in a warm climate?

If you are planning a wedding in a warm country such as Australia, you might have to do a bit more work to make it a winter wonderland. Hiring party planners from Sydney can be very helpful in this case, because they will be able to prepare all of the touches to make your wedding truly seem like it’s taking place in a faraway winter land by adding all the festive holiday touches and just the right amount of fake snow down the aisle to make it believable.

Sleigh Bells

Go icy

Some of the most elegant décor in the winter theme is – ice. From ice sculptures, to the vein-like ice patterns on glasses, ice can be used to bring a subtle, elegant wintery subtext to the entire event. You can choose dishes that can be served on ice, like fresh fish or frozen treats, and display them on an ice table like a buffet, or on individual plates, each on top of an ice mound.

No matter how you choose to decorate your wedding and express your love towards the colder months and the joyous holidays, make sure that you and all of your guests are warm enough to be comfortable, and use everything that nature gives you during winter. You are guaranteed to have the most amazing and unique wedding photos and an unforgettable ceremony.

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