Tips for Planning a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day Proposal

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many men are getting ready to pop the big question. We have the best 3 tips for a Valentine’s Day proposal. With these tips, your proposal is definitely going to be unique. special and make her say YES!

Surprise Her

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of cliché ideas: buying her a dozen roses, going out for dinner, so if you want to surprise your girl with your proposal, think outside the box! The best Valentine’s proposals are the ones that include something romantic and different, but because it is Valentine’s Day, she will won’t suspect a proposal! Plan an event that is unique, but still resemble something you might do on Valentine’s Day.  Some great ideas are wine tastings or chocolate making classes.

Capture it in Photos

A huge trend in proposals right now is capturing the moment in photos, and this trend is for good reason.  It’s an amazing idea and the best part is, your fiancé may just think it’s a normal, Valentine’s Day present until you pop the question! Surely, your fiancé will love having professional photos of that special moment so make sure you hire a photographer that will capture that amazing moment in photos you will have forever!

Be Creative/Different

Creative and unique wedding proposals are always the best, so get your thinking cap on and come up with something she will love! Some creative ideas are hiring a chef to make you Valentine’s dinner or give her some Valentine’s Day candy that says “Marry Me”.  The best Valentine’s day proposals are ones that have a creative edge so it’s not the same proposal that every single guy is doing on the Valentine’s day.

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