Valentines Day Surprise Proposal

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal

Start planning your Valentines Day Surprise Proposal today! There are only a few weeks until Valentines day and you want everything to run smoothly! We’re going to help you start planning, by providing you with a breathtaking mansion to propose at! So, here’s what you need to do….

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal


#1 Make sure you have the RING!!

First things first, make sure you have a ring picked out! If you haven’t chosen a ring yet, check out our vendors page if you need a little inspiration. We have a few great vendors for engagement rings! Still having trouble? Call her friends, mother, brothers, anyone that might help you chose the right ring! Once you’ve got the ring, get the venue!

#2 Book a venue

Booking a proposal venue is easy. Is it beyond her wildest dreams? If the answer is yes, you’ve nailed it! Luckily, we provide those never seen before over the top mansions for proposals, wedding, engagement, and save the date photos, so you’re in the right place. Scrolling through our large library can take time, so make it easy on your self and start with the location. Are you in LA? Choose the LA tab and start scrolling through our venues.

What if they’re all so beautiful and I can’t decide? We’d thought you’d never ask! Our recommendations can help you find exactly what you want! Here’s our recommendations!

Do you want modern?

Sky Studio

Propose on the deck overlooking all of Los Angeles and if you’re super serious about it, we may even be able to coordinate a private dinner for the two of you up there!

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Sky Studio + LOVE Letters

Concrete Loft 

Propose on the outside of Los Angeles looking into the city above a beautiful lake. This venue is perfect for sunset moments, with the 180 views of the city, the large windows let so much soft light in; it’s perfect!

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Concrete Loft View

Love & the City 

Propose on the private rooftop here and blow her away with the skyscrapers so close you could touch them! Located in the inner city of Los Angeles, this venue has beautiful views looking outward toward the mountains of LA.

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Private Rooftop at Love & the City

Do you like mansions?

Pasadena Princess

This mansion is so large you can get lost here! The mansion sits on a full acre of tropical paradise! With never seen before features you will surely astonish your bride to be!

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Pasadena Princess Mansion

Palisades Villa 

Overlooking Santa Monica & Malibu, the Palisades Villa provides an older historic vibe along with luxury and class. This is one of our most superb venues in our collection.

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Palisades Villa Mansion

Monroe Mansion

The Monroe Mansion is quaint, and beautiful. With smaller gardens and structured columns this venue is almost perfect at first glance.

Valentines Day Surprise Proposal
Monroe Mansion

These six properties will have any bride saying of course!! And in return earning you some brownie points!

#3 Photographer / Videographer

For your Valentines Day Surprise Proposal you CAN’T forget to hire a photographer or videographer to catch her reaction! This moment is going to be stuck in your head forever, but it’s nice to let her see how she reacts and also so you can show friends, family, and social media! Make sure you plan this just right so you don’t ruin the surprise! Once you catch everything on film, it’s time to celebrate!

#4 Flowers and Plans after to Celebrate

Celebrating proposal’s success as well as Valentines Day is going to be even better! Make sure you make reservations to a nice place and have flowers there or something special set up. With that being said, this is going to be a day she will remember forever and the start of a new chapter in your lives together.


Wedding Estates wishes you the best of luck and a Happy Valentines Day!

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