Must Have Wedding Images

Wedding Images

Wedding photos are what is going to keep the memory of your happiest and most glamorous day vivid in your mind forever. Whenever you want to smile and reminisce of a beautiful day, just open the photo album and go through them. It will definitely put a smile on your face no matter what. It is important to choose a good photographer, but it is even more important to catch the most emotional and happy moments. Here are some great wedding images that should be in every wedding album!

Beautiful Bride

What is a traditional wedding without some solo pictures of the bride? And let’s be honest… the bride is going to be looking through the album the most, so she will be happy to see herself in the most fabulous edition.

Tender First Look

There is nothing more beautiful and endearing than watching those cute videos on Instagram where the groom starts crying when he sees the bride for the first time? You can recreate that and keep it in your album forever. Just make sure to tell your photographer to capture the essence of love shown in the first moment the two of you see each other. 

Wedding ceremony

This one goes without saying, but you should get your photographer to take images of your wedding reception. This includes both the couple and the quests. You will have so much fun looking back at those pictures and seeing all of your quests witnessing the beautiful moment of love.

Wonderful Bride and Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are a backbone of the wedding planning, and they deserve some photoshoot moments on their own (and with the bride). The fun of taking pictures with the bridesmaids is that there is usually a lot of them, so you can do a lot of fun poses.  

The First Marital Kiss

The first kiss of the married couple should definitely be photographed! That is the picture you are going to want to hang in your home.

The First Wedding Dance

Well, this one goes hand in hand with the first wedding kiss. The first wedding dance is centuries old tradition, and it should be memorized and cherished forever.

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