Designing the Perfect Wedding Invites

wedding invites

Your wedding invites set the stage for the wedding itself. Your wedding invitations should be original to you and your love story. Often times couples will include photos, funny quotes, or something unique to their style. So, what should you include on your wedding invites and how can you design yours?

Wedding Invites

Design The Visuals

What stands as a significant moment in your relationship? Maybe it’s when you met, when he proposed, a place, a restaurant, a movie, or a song. Choose one thing that stands out to you as a couple and also what might represent your love to others. So, when your guests see your invites they’ll say, “that’s so them”. The most popular wedding invites we’ve seen always have photos in them. Once you’ve got the visuals down it’s time to decide on the details.

Wedding Invites
unbelievable greenery transparent wedding invitations on glasses with box
Invitation Details

When it comes to the details of your wedding invites it’s important to weave your wedding colors, style, location into the idea of the invite. For example, if your bridesmaids will be wearing gold, opt for gold ink. If you’re having a luxury wedding send invites made of engraved glass. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, add clues of the destination. For instance, seashells if you’ll be on a beach, and so on.

Wedding Invites
Rita + Rami | This Toronto wedding is purple perfection! | Photography By: Life in a Frame

Don’t forget the RSVP! When you’re wedding planning this is very important since you want to make sure there are enough seats, food, chairs, and space. By adding an RSVP option and even your wedding registry on your wedding invite, people can get things done faster and more efficient!

wedding invites
RSVP for the wedding
Print & Mail

Since you want to make sure everyone gets their wedding invites, always double check addresses. If you have 300 guests it may be a bit of a process. However, it can be easy to correct this if they come back to you. Just reach out to that person and get their new address!

 Wedding Invites
Amber & Gavin Wedding Invites

Building your wedding invites is a fun and unique process so make the most of it! For invitation inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board full of wedding invite ideas!

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