Tips on how to pick out your wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

Ladies are you ready to look spectacular on your wedding day? Picking out your wedding day jewelry can be difficult, but were here to help with that. Follow these tips and don’t be afraid to make some personal touches.

1. Match metals with colors

Traditional white: Pale white dresses are complimented nicely against platinum or silver.

Ivory: Often times gold looks best with the creamy shade of ivory.

Champagne: In most cases champagne dresses look best with gold jewelry.

Shark white: This color could go both ways. Gold jewelry will soften the color, whereas silver will sharpen the color.

2. Dress to neck ratio
First, while choosing jewelry you’ll want to keep in mind your dress style as well as the neckline. Actually, this will determine wether you wear a necklace that hangs down your chest or hugs your neck. Typically sweetheart necklines, v-neck, straight across, semi sweetheart, and boat neck can be worn with longer necklaces that hang down into the breast. Jewel, square, swoop, illusion, halter, high neck, and asymmetric are typically worn with a shorter neckless or none at all.

3. Don’t stress it
Next, pick one style you really love and try to stick to that. However, if all else fails and you can’t decide, don’t worry! Sometimes, brides stray away from the idea of jewelry in general.

4.Keeping it simple
Finally, not overdoing it is the key. In fact, jewelry should be noticeable yet subtle and elegant. After all, you are suppose to be the main attraction not all your bling. Furthermore, when it comes to wedding jewelry think, less is more.

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