Wedding Question Games Appropriate For Kids

If you are welcoming kids at your wedding, you should know that it is in their nature to get bored extremely easily and extremely fast. They will not be entertained with beautiful décor and quests fancy attires like grown-ups are. That is why you need to come up with different ways to entertain them. Here are some wedding games that are appropriate for kids, which will keep them busy, entertained, and out of trouble for hours. 

Outdoor Games if the Weather is Nice 

If you are having your reception in a venue that has a garden or an outside area, you can enjoy the option of providing old-school outdoor games that children tend to enjoy more than anything, especially if they are in a big group. Some of the most fun lawn games include hopscotch, lawn bowling, Twister, outdoor Jenga, and Connect4. These games are going to keep them occupied, entertained, and out of trouble for hours. 

Entertainment for Rainy Days

If the weather is not on your side and it is not sunny and warm, you can also set up an area full of board games or jigsaws. All-time favorites are Monopoly, Operation Guess Who, or Hungry Hippos, and they will keep the children busy and encourage them to play and mingle with each other. This is also a great option because it allows the older kids on the guest list to play with the younger and watch over them.

Arts and Crafts 

Kids love to make stuff, which is why a mini area with craft supplies like stickers, crayons, pipe cleaners, and playdough to get creative with is going to be a real treat for the kids attending your wedding. It is even better to make the crafts wedding-themed, such as designing a wedding dress, decorating a cake, making cards for the bride and groom, or even making DIY masks for a photo booth. 

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