Wedding Venue Locations; Top 3 in LA

Lets face it, Los Angeles is such a large city and trying to find a wedding venue can be difficult. For this reason, WE are going to share some location secrets with you; so grab your coffee and read up.

First, Downtown LA
All things considered, downtown is filled with beautiful sky view lofts with rooftops to host a modern theme weddings or a wedding photography shoot. Incidentally, WE represent some of the most famous lofts in Downtown LA.

    • Sky Studio
    • Concrete Loft
    • Love & the City

Next, Pasadena
Of course Pasadena, this city is known for its beautiful wedding photography as well as a floral wedding venues. As a matter of fact, most of the venues are to die for, equipped with full gardens, fountains, stone walkways, the whole nine. In fact, WE host a majority of our wedding photography & events in Pasadena.

  • The Tiffany
  • Pasadena Princess

Third, Malibu Wine Country 
Wide open spaces, crisp fresh air, birds chirping, and all the wine you can drink! Still, it’s no wonder that wine country would be one of the most popular venues to get married. In addition to the booze, another key factor to choosing a winery is access to tons of parking. After all, parking in the city can be a hectic nightmare. On the other hand, it’s all up to personal preference and organization.

  • The Sandcastle

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