What Are The Best Flowers For A Winter Wedding?

winter wedding flowers

There is something so magical and whimsical about winter weddings, and we can all agree on that. Not only does winter give us an excuse to cuddle up with a good book and some hot tea, but it also gives us some wonderful atmosphere for weddings! Winter is definitely one of the most romantic seasons of the year.

You can make your wedding day into a beautiful winter wonderland by decorating with winter wedding flowers that enamor and enchant. Inspired by the frosty sightings around you, you should give into the magical grays, whites, and icy greenery in your wedding bouquet and other flower décor. If you are looking for some ideas about your winter wedding flowers, we have rounded up some of our favorites.


Artichokes are actually flower buds, contrary to popular belief. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in floral arrangements. When dried out, the artichoke adds a unique touch to any winter wedding design.


Ranunculus flowers come in a wide variety of colors, which offers you many choices depending on your color palette. Ranunculus flowers have delicate petals that add a soft touch to bouquets. White ranunculus flowers can be used to complement the cool tones of the rest of the arrangement, and they fit perfectly with the winter wedding theme.

Semi-Cactus Dahlia 

Dahlia flowers come in a wide array of colors, snowy white and deep red dahlias can be combined to make a floral piece that is reminiscent of the colder months. 

Arrow-wood Viburnum Berry

Arrowwood viburnum is a type of hardy shrub that produces bluish-black berries among the greenery. The dark blue color of the berries is going to pair beautifully with other whitish flowers to create an earthy vibe. 

Lotus Pod 

Because of the lack of petals on this plant, the lotus pod is going to work beautifully as an extraordinary filler when accompanying a winter theme. Lotus pods can be used as an interesting focal point in a bouquet because they are going to add diversity and movement.

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