We all have our personal preferences when it comes to our partners, but there are SOME things that every man is looking for when it comes to “wife material.” So, what exactly do men want in a wife? Here are 4 solid tips for every girl to see what men want in a wife.

1) Attractiveness and Self-Confidence (Two Sides of the Same Coin)

We all like pretty people, and man are no exception. Of course men like attractive women, but that is not the only thing they are searching for. Attractiveness is not about physical appearance only. When they are getting to know a woman, they are hoping to see a woman who loves herself. So yes, ladies, the greatest attractiveness lies in your confidence. And that is what we like to call mental attractiveness.

2) Intelligence

After you’re done with most of the “getting to know each other” conversations, you will have to have some other topics to talk about, or else you’ll be bored to death.

By intelligence, we don’t mean having a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. But a good grasp of common sense and general awareness of current events is a good starting point. A clever woman is the one that he’ll gladly introduce to his friends and family, and that surely signals that he wants to stay.

3) Mature, but Playful

If we are generalizing, women tend to mature quicker than men. But, there are some trends in the last couple of decades and the celebrity role models make this process slower. We can see more and more women in their 30s snapping selfies and acting childish. This can be interesting for a month, tops. After that, that type of behavior is simply tasteless to a man.

Maturity comes with experience, suffering, and leaving childhood behind. That doesn’t mean that you should lose your playfulness, though. Stay competitive, but only in casual games.

4) Trust

Mutual trust is the basis of a healthy relationship. If you are honest, you deserve his trust. If he’s doing everything within his power to earn yours, you are not doing yourself a favor by spending your days asking “does he love me”.

Men don’t like insecure women. They especially hate feeling like they’re sitting on the defendant’s bench when explaining where they have been and what have they been doing. So, don’t be that girl!

We hope you enjoy these tips! In fact, if you’re interested in reading more helpful articles about wedding preparation, check out our blog!

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