Where Should the Bride get Dressed on her Wedding Day

Choosing the location where the bride will get dressed on her wedding day is an important decision that can set the tone for the entire day. As a wedding planner, I often advise brides on this topic and offer the following considerations:


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a location for the bride to get dressed is privacy. The bride will likely be getting dressed with her bridesmaids, family members, or both, and she will want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Choose a location that offers a private space, free from interruptions and distractions, where the bride can relax and prepare for her big day.

Space and Lighting

When selecting a location for the bride to get dressed, consider the space and lighting available. A spacious room with plenty of natural light can create a calming atmosphere and make for beautiful photographs. The space should also have enough room for the bride, her bridesmaids, and any family members to move around and get ready comfortably.


The location chosen for the bride to get dressed should be easily accessible and convenient for her and her bridal party. If possible, select a location that is close to the wedding venue, so there is minimal travel time between the two locations. It is also important to ensure the location is wheelchair accessible for any guests who may require it.


The aesthetics of the location where the bride will get dressed are important for both practical and visual reasons. A location that is visually appealing and complements the overall wedding style and theme can create a beautiful backdrop for getting ready photos. However, practical considerations should also be taken into account, such as the availability of full-length mirrors and adequate seating.


The location where the bride will get dressed should be comfortable for her and her bridal party. This means ensuring that the temperature is comfortable and that there is appropriate seating available for the entire group. Consider having refreshments available, such as water, champagne, or light snacks, to keep everyone hydrated and energized.


On the wedding day, the bride and her bridal party will need a place to store their personal belongings, such as purses and jackets. Ensure that the location chosen for getting ready has adequate storage space to accommodate these items. This can include closets, drawers, or even designated storage areas for each person.

In conclusion, the location where the bride gets dressed on her wedding day is an important decision that should be made with careful consideration. The chosen location should be private, spacious, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and offer storage space for personal belongings. By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure that the bride and her bridal party have a comfortable and stress-free getting ready experience, setting the tone for a memorable and enjoyable wedding day.

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