Winter Wedding Colors

Winter Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors is not as easy as it sounds to an inexperienced ear! There are so many different things you need to consider picking your wedding color palette. You want it to suit your chosen venue, compliments your bridesmaids, is not too feminine for your groom, oozes romance, and reflects your personalities and style. To help you out, we have prepared a list of winter wedding colors that are going to get you inspired! 

Greyed Jade and Dusky Blues

This color combination is a romantic twist on the traditional frosty blues that look so stunning as a color scheme for a winter wedding. These heavenly shades are more subtle and softer, and they are very flattering for your bridesmaids. 

Fig and Fuchsia

From the romantic to the strikingly unusual! Fig and Fuchsia is the palette for a bold bride that is looking to make a statement. This rich and opulent color scheme is guaranteed to wow your guests. The pops of pink and gold against the dusky plum and blues work so well and are so pleasant for the eye, and will add warmth as well as richness to any winter wedding! Ripe figs and fresh berries are going to make the perfect topper to any cake.   

Red and Slate

This color combination somehow manages to be both beautifully feminine and stylishly masculine. This elegant and rich color combination gives a contemporary twist to the traditional winter hues. This color combination allows you to save on a wedding budget with some unexpected treasures, such as feathers, in your floral arrangements to give them that lush feeling and vibe.  

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