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2019 wedding hairstyles

Looking for a classic and glamorously braided hairstyle you can DIY for your “Big Day”? Don’t worry, here are some 2019 wedding hairstyles you can try out…….

Simple buns styles you can DIY

Buns for 2019 wedding hairstyles look exceptionally good if you want to keep a natural yet beautiful bridal look. It takes little time and effort to make and you will require close to zero skill at all, so you need no worries. Here are some you can try out.

Twisted Buns – 2019 wedding hairstyles

Twisted buns are just as simple and easy to make and can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Here’s How:

Step1: pack all your hair tightly backward and hold together like you’re having a ponytail hair

Step 2: Twist the ponytail and hold at the tip to prevent the hair from loosening

Step3: then roll up the twisted tail like buns and hold up

That’s all, it’s simple and easy.

2019 wedding hairstyle
wedding twist low bun hairstyle with hair piece accessory
Twist and pin – 2019 wedding hairstyles

It’s quite simple and easy just like the twisted buns, just that you have your twisted buns alike in four sections. Keeping your twisted buns in more than one place makes it classic at the same time natural and simple. Here’s How:

step1: cut your hair into four vertical sections and tightly pack each section into a ponytail.

Step 2: Twist each section and roll up like a bun. Make sure that each bun is lined up horizontally.

Step3: decorate with beautiful hair accessories.

2019 wedding hairstyles
Simple Bridal Bun

DIY Princess Wedding Hairstyles

Want to look like a princess on your wedding day? Here are some DIY wedding hairstyles you can find fabulous.

Side-swept braid 2019 wedding hairstyles

This is good especially if your hair is short and you’ve been worried about what to do with the short hair. A side-swept braid is a good option. Here’s How:

Step 1: make a center parting and comb your hair gently till the parting becomes more visible and clear

Step2: on the right side of the parting pick a few sections of the hair and braid. Repeat the braiding process on another section from the left side of the parting

Step3: hold the two braids backward and clip. The braids look just like a princess garland on your head.

2019 wedding hairstyles
Loose Braid with Flower Accents
Game of throne braids

It’s simple and easy, it takes less than 10 minutes

Here’s How;

Step1; make a half front center parting across your hair and comb gently in an even manner

Step 2: take a small section from the right side of the parting, divide into three and braid

Step 3: repeat the braiding process with the left side

Step4: pull the twisted hair backward and wrap around your head from both sides and pin.

2019 wedding hairtyles
Waterfall Braid

Classic DIY wedding hairstyles

Hollywood waves – 2019 wedding hairstyles

Step1: apply some moisturizer and conditioner on your hair on the night before the wedding

Step 2: comb the entire hair in an even manner

Step3: pick up each smaller section of the hair and roll up halfway with a curler or rollers over the night.

Step 4: on your wedding day, remove the curlers and comb the hair for a wavy curls

2019 wedding hairstyles
Hollywood Curls
Bohemian side braid

Step 1: comb your hair in an even manner to the right side of your neck

Step 2: braid every hair strand together to follow the right side pattern and clip at the hair tail.


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