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Proposal Inspiration

Thinking of making a marriage proposal to your girlfriend in a special and unique way? Proposal Inspiration can come in so many different and uniques ways. Don’t worry, relax and read this article.

Proposing can be worrisome for a guy especially if you are not used to wooing a gal.  But don’t worry here are some simple things to do and how to ask your girlfriend one of the most amazing questions “will you marry me”? Without you receiving a NO for an answer.

Proposal Inspiration


  1. Proposing with wine toast at her birthday party

Birthdays are special days and we all desire that good and special things happen to us on such days. Taking the step and courage to ask your girlfriend if she will marry you will be a wish come true for her on a day like her birthday. Don’t be afraid it’s just simple, here is how you’ll do it.

Plan a special toast time for love and friendship as part of the events on the birthday party program, then when it’s time for the toast, let the guests know that as her boyfriend, you have a special toast for her. Once all eyes are fixed on the two of you, raise your wine glass cup then go on one knee and say, “Lindsay, with this wine toast I ask you, will you marry me?” She will become overwhelmed with joy for having such a special request on her birthday before her friends and families and will surely say a loud “yes”. Isn’t that easy and fabulous?

  1. Proposing with a placard

Proposing with a placard raised in the air can look too childish or funny but I bet it with you, your girlfriend will like it and feel loved and honored. Here is how to do it

Get five of your friends to visit her at her workplace at exactly the time she will be closing from work but be there 10 minutes before. Let each of your friends hold a big placard with each proposal word written and arranged just like this” Lindsay, will you marry me? While you go on one knee at the front. Let her meet you outside immediately she opens the door to go out. Wow! With great surprise and enthusiasm, she will definitely say a “yes”.

  1. funny Proposal inspiration

Proposing in a commercial bus can be ridiculous and at the same time funny and exciting. You don’t have to do anything special just be yourself and get some courage, the passengers will cheer you on. Take a bus tour with your girlfriend and right on the bus, go on your knee and ask her, Lindsay, will you marry me?

  1. Proposing at the museum – Proposal Inspiration

Proposing with what your girlfriend finds most interesting in always very interesting, it just shows that you are aware of her true self. However, if your girlfriend is a lover of nature, art, and historic materials than taking her for a time out at the museum for a surprise proposal will be a good idea.

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