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Bridal Party Gifts

Need a way to let your best gals know how much they mean to you on your special day? Offering a special gift is the best way to say “thank you besties”.

Considering how much time, energy, love, support, and encouragement your bridesmaid had given in preparing for your “Big Day”, showing a heart of gratitude is very important. Though not compulsory, yet giving out a “thank you gift” to your bridesmaid will be a grateful act that will not go unnoticed.

A specially customized gift can make your bridesmaids go “wow” when they receive the gifts. It’s to let them know that you never took their presence for granted. However, you don’t need costly gifts especially if you can’t afford one, you can also make cheaply priced gifts a very special one.

Well, you don’t have to worry about what gift to give to show how much you love and appreciate your bridesmaid. Here are some best bridal gifts suggestions for you.

 Bridal Party Gifts
Sister Slippers!
  1. A customized stoneware coffee cup

A coffee cup is a special kitchen accessory that your bridesmaid will really appreciate. However, taking a hot coffee from a specially customized coffee cup can make the coffee tastes really special. You can buy a stoneware coffee cup as low as $10. I have personally recommended a stoneware coffee cup because of its durability, stain-free, and anti-shatter features. Your bridesmaid will appreciate something they can use for a long time. You can also have an inscription on the cup that looks like this: LISA, thank you for standing by while I say “I DO” or LISA, I wouldn’t even without you.

Bridal Party Gifts
Stainless Steel skinny
  1. A Pack of earrings, necklace, and ring

Every lady loves pieces of jewelry and will usually blush when they are presented one as a gift. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive ones, a unique, cheap but lasting one will do just fine. Put a fine golden heart-shaped earring, a neck chain with a heart-shaped pendant and a ring in a customized paper pack. Right on the paper pack, write the name of each person and tell them they are the best. For example, you can write BEST FRIENDS EVER. HEART BOUND. This is to tell your friends about the lasting love in your heart for them.

Bridal Party Gifts
Bow Knot Bangle and Earring Bridal Party Set!
  1. Customized ladies handkerchief with flowery prints and couples picture at the Centre

Most women and especially ladies will not want to leave the house without a handkerchief if in case of a coffee spill, chocolate stain or even to wipe away sweat in the spring season. Having a special handkerchief with the picture of yourself and your partner will keep you in the memories of your friends. You wouldn’t know how much your bridesmaid will love a unique flowery print handkerchief.

  1. A personalized sandalwood hand fan

Sending a sandalwood hand fan over to your bridesmaid is an awesome idea, it’s cheap but has a great meaning of love. This will really be nice if your friends like Environmental friendly ideas, they will find it attractive. Hand fans are special to women and it really makes a girl look classic and elegant. You can attach a note to the hand fan, thanking them for helping you say “I DO”.


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