2021 Engagement Photo Ideas

Photo Source: liana.danielle via Instagram

Next to the actual marriage and the ring, engagement pictures are the only things from the wedding that lasts forever. That is precisely the reason why you should make them as unique, beautiful, and magical as possible! We are here to present you with the list of some amazing engagement photo ideas that you will want to hang up in your living room, for absolutely everyone to see. 

Holding Hands 

Is there anything more intimate and cute than two people in love, holding hands with each other? The act of holding hands is so simple, yet so beautiful and endearing, and it needs to be captured during your engagement photoshoot. And this pose is also rather simple, which is perfect if you or your partner are nervous in front of the camera. And a close-up on the ring while you are holding hands will be a real frame-worthy piece. 

Embrace Each Other Naturally 

Every couple has their own way of embracing that is very personal for them, and very intimate and important; it should definitely be captured as you are taking the first step to your forever union. Make sure to naturally embrace each other, as you usually do during walks or while you are cooking dinner together and let the photographer capture the moment of pure love and closeness. 

Forehead-to-Forehead Pose

Make sure to get this one, because we guarantee you will want to frame it and show it to your grandchildren. A close up of your faces so close to each other will convey such a strong emotion that no one will be able to resist! And a gentle kiss on the forehead is even better! 

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