Best Bridal Shower Games and Icebreakers

Although there are no rules that say that you absolutely have to play games at a bridal shower, they are a hallmark of the party, and there is a very good reason why so many bridal parties decide to play them. Games are going to help create connections and break the ice between guests, especially if they do not know each other well, or even at all. These creative and fun activities are going to help celebrate the bride-to-be and entertain guests of all ages. Here are some ideas for the best bridal shower games and icebreakers. 

Clothespin Game

To begin, choose a common buzzword used during the wedding preparation and celebration. Some of the most common ones are usually “bride”, “groom”, or “wedding”, “bridesmaid”, “best man” or “maid of honor”. Every time a new person comes into the party, hand them a clothespin. Whenever someone hears another person saying your chosen word, they get to take that person’s clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins the bridal party game! 

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Divide all of the attendees into two or more teams, but make sure that every team has at least three people. Provide the rolls of toilet paper to each team, and make each of them choose an “honorary bride” amongst them. Give the teams about twenty minutes to create a wedding dress on their “bride” using toilet paper (make sure to time it, because that is what creates the race, which is what creates competition and fun). At the end of the allowed time, the whole group should vote for the best and funniest wedding dresses. 

Two Truths and a Lie

Every guest introduces themselves to the whole bridal party and tells the group three things about themselves. They choose what they want to share, but they have to say two truths and one lie. The more confused the audience is, the better because they have to down or shouts out which one they think is a lie.

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