The Best Wedding Websites 4-1-1

best wedding websites

A great wedding website is one of the major wedding MUSTS you will need to create awareness about your wedding and to get information across to your guests. Creating a wedding website can be a task, that’s why we’ve gathered the best wedding websites for you!

With a wedding website, you will be able to share every detail about your wedding with your guests and keep them updated. You don’t have to bug your invitees with lots of information, and you always have enough room because it’s all on the web! Have tons of photos with your partner, you can also share them on your website page. This will give your guests an opportunity to share in your happy moments.

The Best Wedding Websites


  1. Use a website building template.

You don’t have to pay a pro or spend hours before you will build your wedding website anymore. Using a website building template has made it easier to be done by yourself. There are several free website builder templates online from which you can choose from. Here are some of the “The Knot”, Godaddy, Wix, Joy, Zola, Minted, WeddingWire, etc. The website builder templates have been customized, all you’ve got to do is to fill in your details and you will have your wedding website ready to go! Your URL or domain name should be a combination of your name and your partner’s name so that your guests can easily find you online.

  1. Choose your website theme

There are lots of free website building themes online but if you want one with good option and higher functions, you can purchase it with a few dollars. Your website theme should reflect your wedding theme and color. It must be good enough to be able to display every information you want to upload on the website such as your pictures.

  1. Build your web pages to contain your wedding details

You will include all the details about your wedding as contents on your website but to do this, you should create some web pages for this. Create pages for your wedding day details (such as wedding date, time, venue, dress code, wedding color), proposal, story about the couple, bios, reception toast, gifts registry information, photos gallery, RSVP.

  1. Keep your wedding website simple

Don’t get your wedding website bug up with lots of unnecessary info aside from the basic info. Instead, keep is cool and exciting. Let it have lots of photos and info such as food menu that will keep the expectation of your guests high.

  1. Get your wedding website updated every one to two months

Make sure that all your guest are carried along with every update about your wedding. If you had made any changes to your wedding date, venue, etc. let your guests know as soon as possible. You can also send emails or text messages to inform your guests about these changes.

Bonus: send your wedding website link to all your guests at least 6months before your wedding!

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