How To Choose Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

signature wedding cocktail

Wondering about different types of drinks to serve at your wedding reception? A signature wedding cocktail could be the best option for you.

Every detail of your wedding is about you and your partner, and the drinks that will be served at your wedding reception cannot be an exception.

Serving a signature cocktail is a way of impressing your guests and also to show some special personality about you and your spouse. It will refresh your guests and get them ready for the food.  It will also give you a chance to display your natural, cultural and traditional features common between you and your partner.  Your guests will love it too.

You can make your wedding drinks especially unique and customized with a signature cocktail.

Signature wedding Cocktail

How to Choose a Wedding Signature Cocktail

  1. Consider the season

To make a special and unique signature drink, you will need 80% of fresh fruits. Therefore you should choose the signature cocktails that can be done with the seasonal fruits and that will complement the seasonal temperature. If the weather is cold then you should have a warm signature cocktail and if the weather is hot then you should have a chilled or cold signature cocktail.

  1. Make it special and unique

The signature cocktail should be special and unique to you. You can make it using your own recipe or browse for the common signature cocktail that your guests would love to drink. Choose the fruit that you and your partner love but which is seasonal.

  1. Give it a name

You don’t have to call your signature cocktail the name everyone has been calling it. You can give it a special name which is designed by both you and your partner. The special name will get your guests attention and really want to taste the signature.

  1. Use your wedding colors

How a drink looks like will determine whether your guests will be attracted to it or not. Let your signature cocktail reflect your wedding color so that it will be appealing to the eyes. You should use fruits whose juice will produce a color similar or exactly like your wedding color.

  1. Go for a drink that is easy to make

Don’t get yourself into trouble trying to make a signature cocktail with a burdensome process and many numbers of fruits and ingredients. Let it be a drink you can make in a few minutes but yet one that your guests will enjoy drinking.

  1. Guests, should be able to ask for yet another cup

The cocktail should not be too sweet, sour or get your guests ass on the floor after two cups. It must have a great and quality taste. Your guests must find it comfortable to drink as much of your signature drink as possible

  1. Let the drink reflect history or memory

Since the signature drink is personal to you, you should link it with an event that has happened in the past with the two of you. It should be a signature drink that is attached to your feelings or emotions.

signature wedding cocktail
Refresh your guests
Some unique signature cocktails you can serve at your wedding
  • Strawberry-watermelon drinks
  • Blackberry mint julep
  • Grape and elderflower fizz
  • Frozen Ginger and lemon drop
  • Rasmopolitan
  • Pineapple Daiquiri
  • Kingdom of passion
  • Bubbly bouquet
  • Tequila eastside
  • Citrus Martini
  • Cold raspberry and herb
  • Vanilla-rum colas
  • Cucumber-mint gimlet

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