Involving Your Step-Parents in Your Wedding Plans

Step-Parents in Your Wedding Plans

Wondering whether or not to involve your step-parents in your wedding plans? It’s your big day and you’ve got the right to decide who should share in your joy, on your special day.

Step-parents can sometimes be wonderful people and at other times they can be people you wouldn’t like to have around. This is based on your relationship with them and how long they’ve been married to your mom or dad. The decision lies solely on what you and your partner want.

Involving your Step-Parents in Your Wedding Plans

  1. He/she has been a great step-mom or dad.
  2. You have lived happily together for 10-20 years and probably you knew this person as your step-mom or dad since you were younger.
  3. Your parent’s ex who is your birth parent isn’t agreeing to get involved.
  4. They step-parent agrees to finance your wedding.
  5. Having both birth parents on peaceful terms.
How much can your step-parents get involved in your wedding?
  1. Step-father has been a loving father, you can give him the honor of walking you down to the altar.
  2. A loving step mom can help make the guest list, choose a wedding dress, and even help with wedding planning.
  3. However, if you’re not in a good relationship with your step-parents but your parent wants him/her to be present at your wedding. Then, make such a step parents a guest with no special role in the wedding events.
  4. Step-parents can appear only in photos that include your parent who is their partner if you don’t want them to be much involved in your wedding.
When not to involve a stepparent at your wedding
  1.  If you and your stepparent are not in good terms, you can allow your parent who is the partner to invite them to the wedding but does not assign any special role.
  2.  When your birth parent who is your mother or father’s ex is claiming you as his/her child and want to take the most important role in the wedding events. Don’t bother to invite your step parent until the problem is resolved.

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