Biggest Wedding Mistakes Brides Make

Biggest Wedding Mistakes

Planning a wedding requires immense organization skills and great attention to detail. So since we aren’t all perfect and have everything figured out, mistakes happen and it’s okay! Below are the Biggest Wedding Mistakes brides make that you’ll want to try to avoid when planning your wedding;

Biggest Wedding Mistakes


You announce your engagement too soon

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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Once you’re engaged you may feel the urge to post about it on social media immediately and tell every single person you come in contact with– but try to avoid this as much as possible. The first people you’d want to tell this news to should be your inner circle. Your family, friends, and extended loved ones all would love to hear this news from you, rather than from a Facebook post. Although you may be filled to the brim with excitement to tell the world, tell them first and then make your public engagement announcement. This will save you from those “I wish I heard this news from you and not social media” awkward encounters.

You don’t keep your guests (and vendors) in mind

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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The point of having a wedding reception is to share your love with those around you and celebrate this wonderful commitment. Although your wedding is about you and your future spouse, it’s also about all of those whom you decide to invite. Incorporate details in your wedding to make it more comfortable for your guests. Include a map in their invitation, block out a portion of rooms at the hotel, provide useful wedding favors, and so on. You also can’t forget about the vendors! Making them happy will encourage them to do their jobs the best.

You stopped making time for yourself

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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It can be hard to separate your wedding planning time from the rest of your life, but it’s crucial to do this so that you don’t drive yourself crazy. Make time for self care to do things you want to do and get your mind off the wedding planning. Join a fitness class that you actually enjoy and binge watch that show you’ve been dying to see. Find time every day to scratch out some time for yourself.

You get fixated on minor details

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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In a perfect world, it would be great for every detail to go as planned. But in a realistic world, this isn’t always the case. Small details make a wedding great, but if you find yourself consistently fixating on minor details– it’s time to stop. It’s likely that these details will not make or break your wedding and there’s no reason to pre-stress about them. If you continue to fixate on them, you’ll lose time you could’ve spent on more important details. Try using a wedding planning checklist resource to help you put things into perspective.

You go overboard on the beauty products

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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Every bride wants to look like her most elegant self on the day of her wedding, but she can get there without going overboard with beauty products. Keep your skin care routine simple with minimal steps, so you don’t irritate your skin and can actually stick to it. It could include a face wash, toner to purify your skin, acne medication for those pesky breakouts, and completed with a hydrating moisturizer. Great skin is all about consistency and who doesn’t want to be glowing on their wedding day?

You forget to experience your engagement

Biggest Wedding Mistakes
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Your engagement is a period that you won’t experience again, so cherish it! It’s a time to hike up the romance with your future spouse and enjoy this time together. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it’s essential that you don’t let this period pass you by without stopping to appreciate it.

Guest Blog Post Written by; Karlyn Quinn

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