Bridal Makeup Trends Based on Eye Color

Bridal Makeup Trends

When it comes to hair and makeup looks for our brides we know every bride isn’t created equal. Let’s face it, there are looks blue eyed brides can’t pull off, and same for the brown eyed beauties. So, knowing that eye color and hair color play a huge role in makeup styles you can wear, we’ve gathered some gorgeous Bridal Makeup Trends to inspire you!

Bridal Makeup Trends

Blue Eyes – Bridal Makeup Trends

Smokey Eyes; Often times looks best on blue eyes. Since the darker shadows and liners make the eye pop, it gives your face a very sexy/mysterious look. Also, the depth of your blue give makes the dark look softer. Instead of dark eyes on dark shadows, this can become beaty.

Bridal Makeup Trends
Blue Eyes – Smokey Eye

Shimmers; Since your eyes already sparkle by themselves you’ll want to be selective with shimmer shades. You’ll want to avoid sandy brown shimmers, as well as blues. The best shimmers for blue eyes would be, pink, oranges, dark yellow, purple, and reds.

However, since this is for your wedding day you’ll want to go with neutral shades. Golds are a great way to make your eyes pop. Use a warm burgundy in the crease and a light white in the inner corner.

Bridal Makeup Trends
Glitter Lids Makeup

Colors; Blue eyes stay away from blue colors. Matte colors look amazing against your eye color. So, don’t be afraid to go in with some way purples or flat yellows. Matte black is also gorgeous & a flat brown can look beautiful with some red lips.

Bridal Makeup Trends
Red Lips, Blue Eyes


Brown Eyes – Bridal Makeup Trends

Smokey Eyes; Most brides want to get that smokey look on their wedding day. However, with brown eyes you’ll want to keep the centers lighter. With brown eyes if you go to dark your eyes will blend in with your shadows, giving you a beaty eye look. Which, on your wedding day is not ideal.

 Bridal Makeup Trends
Brown Eyes – Smokey Eye


Colors; The great thing about brown eyes is that you can pretty much pull off any color you want. Although green isn’t the ideal color for brown eyes, you wont have to worry about that on your wedding day.

Bridal Makeup Trends
Light Tan on Brown Eyes


Shimmers; Like colors, you can’t go wrong with shimmers. Since brown eyes pop less you can build them up using various shimmer techniques and styles. Use large glitter pencils to bring out the shape of your eyes, and light shimmers to bring a subtle glow to your face.

Bridal Makeup Trends
Subtle Glow for Brown Eyes
Green Eyes – Bridal Makeup Trends

Since green eyes are a perfect in between from blue and brown eyes, you can just about wear anything. However, pinks and purples look unbelievable on green eyes. So, consider going to an eye catching makeup look using these colors.

bridal makeup trends
Green Eyes

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